Lil Kim New Jersey House

Here we see a fabulous aerial photo of the immaculate house of our beloved pint sized rapper, Lil Kim, located in the ritzy area of Alpine, New Jersey.

I wish i had more details about the square footage and layout, however i just stumbled across this and couldn't find much information, aside from the location.

Lil Kim Bra Size

I think it goes without saying, Lil Kim has had some major body adjustments during her long career in the music industry, and if I'm not mistaken she has underwent multiple breast implants surgeries, which at one point lifted her bra size to a DD cup.

Last time i saw a candid photo of her, she looked like she was back to her original bra size, about a C cup.

Lil Kim Dating?

Does anybody know who Lil Kim might be dating nowadays, or is she just laying low for the time being?

I haven't heard any relationship news in quite some time, but maybe i was just left out of the loop...

Lets hear some dating gossip about Lil Kim!

Lil Kim Shoe Size

Hey Lil Kim fans! I was hoping someone out there could help me out with a question that has been raised concerning Lil Kim.

What is her shoe size?

Personally i think she is a size 6, but a lot of people seems to think she has bigger feet than that, so if anyone has the information, send it my way please.

Lil Kim Blonde Hairstyle

Remember when Lil Kim would dye her hair blonde all the time? Of course you do!

Well how did you think she looked with those blonde hairstyles? Seriously...

I must admit i thought Lil Kim's blonde hairstyles were nothing short of disastrous, and if i ever see Lil Kim, I'd tell her straight up! That blonde hair was whack baby doll.

Black women have amazing natural hair, and when they try and alter it with blonde hair dye, its just flat out weak... Almost never a good result.

Lil Kim Tattoos

Lil Kim has been spotted with a few tattoos on her body during her long illustrious career, which includes "The Naked Truth" on her left shoulder and "Notorious Kim" on her belly, however these tattoos are 100% fake.

I don't think Lil Kim actually has any real tattoo designs, but perhaps some of our readers can correct me if I'm wrong.

Until then, you can admire these pictures of her very bold fake tattoos.

Lil Kim Height

Its no secret that "Lil" Kim is a short lady, but do you know exactly how short she really is?

Well just to put a close to the speculation, Lil Kim's is listed at 4 feet 11 inches tall.

Some may say she is vertically challenged, however i think she is just the right height.